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I am a 33 year old German computer scientist, web and Magento developer living and working in Frankfurt. I successfully finished my Master of Computer Science at Technische Universität Darmstadt. I make my bread by working on e-commerce web projects using Magento. Formerly as a Magento freelancer, nowadays as part of my agency CustomGento. In any case, I would be very happy if you sent me an enquiry! You could also buy our awesome extensions over at Modulwerft for Magento 1 / Open Mage or at Magento Marketplace for Magento 2. I write about problems and solutions, over which I stumble upon and about other nerd topics at If I do not work, I play table tennis or spend some time with my family or friends.
Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Commerce Developer Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Developer Adobe Certified Master Adobe Commerce Architect Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner

Frontend Development

Logos of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript I love programming websites with the newest available technology. Normally, I use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript and I hate websites using Flash.

Backend Development

Logos of PHP, Zend Framework and Java PHP is my programming language of choice for online applications. I work with the Zend Framework because it is used in Magento. For offline applications, I use Java. C and I will not become good friends.


Logos of Magento and WordPress For online shops, I am totally into Magento - it is a great platform which can be used for various purposes. If it comes to “normal” websites, I love using WordPress for both, blogs and news sites as well as for classic static pages.


Here you find several references of recent times. You have additional questions regarding the projects or want to be listed here, too? I am happy to hear from you.

Online-shop for car tuning

Magento consulting and development since 10/2015

“Outstanding collaboration, very professional shop development and high reliability - Mr. Sprankel did commendable work during our shop redevelopment. We are looking forward to further developments with Mr. Sprankel as an experienced Magento developer.”
Dr. Michael Krecek, CEO DTE-Systems GmbH

Online-shop for coffee

Magento consulting and development since 08/2015

“We are very satisfied with Simon. He structured our shop relaunch very well and executed it accurately. This lead to massive performance increases. The execution happens fast and very agile, which fits perfectly to us as a start-up. We can fully recommend Simon as a Magento developer.”
Dr. Boris Häfele, CEO Roast Market GmbH

Online-shop for bikes, e-bikes, clothing and supplies

Magento consulting and development since 07/2015

“We continuously extended the collaboration with Mr. Sprankel over the last years. Now he also implemented a Magento update and our redesign to our utmost satisfaction. He works reliably and comprehensible, adheres to deadlines and communicates commendable. We can recommend Mr. Sprankel as a Magento developer to every shop owner!”
Dr. Ulla Engler, Associate Das Radhaus Zweirad Vertriebs- und Service GmbH

Online-shop for silver goods

Magento consulting and development since 02/2015

“With Simon Sprankel, we found the perfect Magento developer for us. All wishes are implemented unbureaucratically and as quickly as possible. It is great fun to work with him!”
Lorenz Günther, Attorney Silber Studio Frankfurt

Online-shop for streetwear fashion from California

Magento consulting and development since 08/2014

“The collaboration with Simon was recommended by a friend. It was quickly clear that I finally found the perfect contact for the implementation of my online-shop. I was optimally advised right from the beginning. Absolutely exemplary and 100% professional!”
Julian Petzelt, Owner Califas - California Clothing & Accessories

Online-shop for badminton, table tennis and squash

Magento consulting and development since 03/2008

“Simon has built the site right from the beginning and gave us advice and support very reliably and competently since then. Without his work and commitment the shop would not be as successful as it is now.”
Wolfgang Bindemann, CEO


Everyone should do what they do best. This is why I personally consult and develop. I let my awesome partners design, photograph or text. Hence, you will not only hire me, but also get access to talented people from other professions. You want to become a partner or hire me? Contact me!

Sergej Bichert

Sergej Bichert

Design, Photography, Frontend Development

Mathieu Handouche

Mathieu Handouche

UX, Design, Conversion Optimisation

Thomas Winkelmann

Thomas Winkelmann

TYPO3, Hosting

Christine Maul-Pfeifer

Christine Maul-Pfeifer

Texting, DE/EN Translations

Fabian Feldmann

Fabian Feldmann

Design, Photography

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